Writing Experiment: Day 2


I knew Sunday wouldn’t be as productive as Saturday, mostly because yesterday, I was home alone. Today the family proved to be somewhat distracting. It didn’t help that Saturday had me so exhausted that I slept in longer than usual. Plus I had to work on some copywriting for a client that is kicking off their business on Monday and some stuff had to be ready for today. I still managed to get in some writing first. My first session ended up being 523 words, but it progressed the plot and so, when I had to switch to work, I did so without feeling guilty.

Later I went out to meet with a friend and we went to see a movie. It turned out to be a good way to recharge my batteries, as I was able to do one Write or Die session and walked away with 1516 more words. After that, it was all about reaching that goal of 10k. It was slow and I had to start a new scene in the middle of it, but finally, after 508 words, I reached my goal!

Novel 2 stats:

Day 0: 2169           total: 2169
Day 1: 5312           total: 7481
Day 2: 2547          total: 10028

I really wanted to reach that 10k goal and it’s such a high, it has me excited about where my career as a writer could be going. It proved to me that I can write a lot of words, day after day. So maybe if I train myself to do it, the idea of switching completely to being a full-time author will be realistic.

For now, just wow. I’m 1/7th of the way to complete this novel (I estimated at the beginning, when I was outlining, that it would be a 70k novel), and I reached that milestone so quickly!

I can’t wait for the next one! 15k, here I come!


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