Writing Experiment: Day 3

I use an app called Rescuetime to keep track of my productivity and this morning I got the first report since starting this experiment. I was very pleased to see that I spent almost 16 hours writing (2.5h spent in Write or Die and almost 13.5h spent in Scrivener). I averaged 2h20min of writing a day, meeting my goal to write every day for at least an hour. I managed to write 10k in those 16 hours. If I follow that logic, it means that I need 96 more hours of writing to finish this novel. Numbers like these definitely help me put things in perspective.

Unfortunatelly, today’s wordcount wasn’t as impressive. Not only was I exhausted by the weekend’s extravaganza, but the thunderstorm during the night hit my apartment building waking me up before 5am. I had to force myself to write at least 400 words, and I doubt that without Write or Die I would get even that far.

Novel 2 stats:

Day 0: 2169           total: 2169
Day 1: 5312           total: 7481
Day 2: 2547          total: 10028
Day 3: 438            total: 10466

Hopefully, I’ll manage at least 3k during work week. Keep your fingers crossed!


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