Writing Experiment: Day 8

I already mentioned using RescueTime to keep track of my productivity, but yesterday I also signed up for Beeminder, to actually have some accountability and not just me and my writing friend exchanging supportive text messages. I set up a goal of finihsing my novel by the end of July (with the wordcount goal of 70K) and the software’s caculator told me I need to write over 12k a week to reach that goal. That’s more than the NaNo goal, I think, so I pushed the deadline till the end of August.

Though, between you and me, I’ll still try to get it done in July. I just needed a little less stressful goal.

I had an incredbly busy day today, and only managed one writing session before dinner. BUT, it was a good one as I managed to get over 1000 words in. Things are moving along nicely! ūüôā

Novel 2 stats:

Day 0: 2169          total: 2169
Day 1: 5312          total: 7481
Day 2: 2547          total: 10028
Day 3: 438            total: 10466
Day 4: 654            total: 11120
Day 5: 111            total: 11231
Day 6: 319            total: 11550
Day 7: 273           total: 11823
Day 8: 1187         total: 13010


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