Writing Experiment: Day 10

Almost two weeks into writing Novel2, and I’m having another crisis. Well, okay, you can’t really call this a crisis, when I still managed to get words in, but I’m less than satisfied with the outcome.

My brain just gave up on me today and I only managed one writing session in the evening. And only because I didn’t want to log onto WordPress and report a big zero. I guess that means, this blog is doing what it’s supposed to do: motivate me to keep writing every day. Even if it’s only 243 words, like today.

Novel 2 stats:

Day 0: 2169          total: 2169
Day 1: 5312          total: 7481
Day 2: 2547          total: 10028
Day 3: 438            total: 10466
Day 4: 654            total: 11120
Day 5: 111            total: 11231
Day 6: 319            total: 11550
Day 7: 273           total: 11823
Day 8: 1187         total: 13010
Day 9: 2019         total: 15029
Day 10: 243         total: 15272

Tomorrow, I have a lot of copywriting to do for work, so I don’t even want to make concrete plans for what my fiction wordcount might be, but I’ll be opening Scrivener and getting those words in. Keep your fingers crossed!


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