Writing Experiment: Day 11

Today I managed two short sessions. One in the morning before work and the other one after. It resulted in 166 and 303 words respectively. It’s not much, but I’m right before the next big plot point, so tomorrow I should get much more words, since I’m excited to get to that confrontation.

Novel 2 stats:

Day 0: 2169          total: 2169
Day 1: 5312          total: 7481
Day 2: 2547          total: 10028
Day 3: 438            total: 10466
Day 4: 654            total: 11120
Day 5: 111            total: 11231
Day 6: 319            total: 11550
Day 7: 273           total: 11823
Day 8: 1187         total: 13010
Day 9: 2019         total: 15029
Day 10: 243         total: 15272
Day 11: 469         total: 15741

Not gonna lie, I could’ve write some more today, but I took an evening off and just relaxed and played games. That was my decision, but I needed some time off. I probably won’t touch steam until well after I reach 16k. Hopefully that’s going to be tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!


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