Thus Begins The Journey

My name is Alex, and I am a writer. I always wanted to be a writer, but it always seemed like an unattainable goal. I spet my time writing fanfics, while I paid my bills with regular 9-5 jobs.

Then, something changed. I found a freelance copywriting gig on oDesk. It was a nice addition to my regular paycheck, and not exactly what I wanted to do. Nothing to write home about, basically. But it was a start. It showed me that my words were worth something. And that resulted in me thinking about becoming a full-time novelist. My dream job.

The first step was to become a full time copywriter and quit the old, boring and safe job. I did that four years ago.

Now, I’m ready for a change.

Last week, I sent my first novel to betas. It was a huge step for me and I couldn’t sleep after that.

But I also realized that it took me a year and a half between starting my novel and deciding it was ready for others to see. Now, I probably don’t have to tell anyone this, but that is not a timeline I’m proud of. If my dream of becoming a novelist is to ever become tangible, I need to be able to finish a novel much faster.

And thus: my writing experiment was born.

I told myself that I had to commit to my writing career and do something about it every day. And since my first novel is with betas right now and out of my control, I decided to start my next project.

I will be posting every day, to report on my writing progress and what I did during the day. And if you want to join me on my journey, you are welcome to stick around.

First post, will be coming later today!